Here, Louisiana Bike Laws are divided into two sections:

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The following statutes provide the responsibilities and duties of Louisiana bike riders. All cyclists must be aware of these requirements for their safety and the protection of others. La. R.S. 32:194 - Traffic laws apply to persons riding bicycles Section 194 provides bicyclists all the rights and duties that are given to motorists on Louisiana highways. Put simply, a bicycle must behave like a motor vehicle on the road, e.


La. R.S. 32:76.1 - Colin Goodier Protection Act The Colin Goodier Protection Act is contained in Section 76.1. It places several legal requirements on motorists who overtake and pass bicyclists while traveling in the same direction on a roadway. First, the motorist must exercise due care. The importance of this requirement (which was actually added by 2010 Act No. 618) lies in its use to an injured cyclist in collecting damages from a negligent motorist.


Louisiana Biking Laws Background Information LA State Bicycle Law History On June 9, 2008, Dr. Colin Goodier was riding his bike down River Road in Iberville Parish. He was training for his latest pursuit—a triathlon. Dr. Goodier was a man of many interests. He was an M.D. by trade, and was in the process of completing his third year as a surgery resident at LSU. He was also a baseball player in high school and an avid golfer, among many other hobbies.